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Oracle NetSuite CRM provides a 360º view in real-time of all your customers.

Grow your business with Oracle NetSuite Cloud CRM

Oracle NetSuite CRM allows you to close more businesses, retain existing customers and better understand their tastes and needs. It gives businesses the ability to store and exploit customer data, know what they need, to provide the services or products that they want. Provide a better service to the customer, perform cross-selling and increase sales while giving exceptional care.

Customer care is vital for your business. With Oracle NETSUITE CRM you can keep a record and history of all interactions (calls, appointments, purchases, inquiries), preferences (tastes, colors, models) and other personal details (birthdays, spouse, children, pets), which will make  your client feel cared and special, thus achieving more sales and profit.


  • Streamlines processes from lead generation to sale.
  • Increases productivity and visibility of the sales area.
  • Improved performance and tracking of sales reps.
  • Follow up on business budgets and forecasts.
  • Commissions calculation for the commercial team.
  • Track your customers service / support tickets.
  • Manage various sales and service organizations and subsidiaries.



Oracle NETSUITE CRM+ offers powerful capabilities for customer relationship management (CRM), including sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation, and customer service and support. All in a single, customizable and flexible cloud solution.

Customer Services

Customer services is a key part of any business. Have full control over your customer interactions (sales, service and support) in order to sell more and provide better support. Oracle NETSUITE CRM customer service software enables you to create a relationship like no other with your customers.

Partner Relationship Management

Oracle NETSUITE PRM (Partner Relationship Management) enables real-time information that improves visibility, increases collaboration between you and your partners, and creates a channel between the partners and your organization.

Marketing Automation

Oracle NetSuite CRM enables to generate high qualified leads that are ready for sales commitment. It provides a framework for you to segment, create, execute, and measure the success of marketing campaigns, eliminating the complexity of qualifying and converting the leads.

Sales Force Automation

Oracle NetSuite CRM powers your commercial organization with integrated sales processes from opportunity management and quotes, to sales forecasting, order management, deliveries and sales commissions.


Oracle NETSUITE extends mobile collaboration and productivity beyond the workplace. Enables customers to access the system from the world's most popular mobile operating systems.