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Manufacturing companies transform their operation with an integrated cloud solution that benefits all organization.

Each manufacturing company has unique characteristics and requires flexibility to adapt to constant changes in today's business environment.

The processes and systems that worked well when your business started, or when you only specialized in a group of products, or when you focused on supplying a single geography, begin to have limitations that impede the evolution of business needs. This doesn't have to be.

Growth leads to new needs. You have to manage business processes increasingly complex as engineering, planning, forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain management orders or orders, warranty and after-sales support, to give some examples.

Oracle NETSUITE ERP is the cloud business solution that provides the foundation that manufacturing companies require to improve their critical business processes. By automating entire processes, the product cycle, the quote-to-entry process, and the planning process to metric analysis, NetSuite supports manufacturing companies in the following:

  • Eliminate the use of error-prone spreadsheets.
  • Reduce time to launch new products.
  • Improve efficiency in processing orders.
  • Very precisely monitor cost control.
  • Deliver better quality products.
  • Reduce support costs and IT resources.
  • Accelerate the process of balance sheet.
  • Improve support and service productivity.
  • Establish critical controls for regulatory compliance.


Oracle NETSUITE, the cloud-based ERP, E-commerce and CRM software suite, is the best choice for manufacturers who want a complete business solution. Oracle NETSUITE provides functionality inventory, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, relationship management and e-commerce customers.



  • Reduce time to market of new products.
  • Improves the efficiency of order processing.
  • Monitor and control costs closely.
  • Reduce IT support costs and resources.


NetSuite CRM provides a constant flow of information throughout the customer's life cycle, from prospect to opportunity, sales order, delivery, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support. Robust CRM capabilities drive the entire lifecycle and strengthen customer relationships.

Product Data Management

Oracle NETSUITE was built from "zero" to support companies focused on manufacturing and has very robust capabilities to establish and maintain master data that require manufacturing companies, such as items, customers, partners and suppliers. Manage all product data in one place, simplify the design process and reduce time to launch new products.

Orders Management

Oracle NETSUITE Smart Order Management automates delivery commitments, allocations, sequencing, and order fulfillment allowing orders to be filled intelligently based on global inventory availability and business rules. Get intelligence and automation support required to manage in a more efficient inventories, reducing transportation costs and improving the customer experience.


Planning is one of the most complex functions in manufacturing. The Oracle NETSUITE production planning solution achieves a balance of features that enables realistic planning with minimal effort. Achieve an automatic balance between supply and demand ensuring inventory in place and right time.


Oracle NETSUITE offers a variety of integrated functionality, additional functions and processes available to support you in having the right materials at the right time in the right place. Manage your suppliers and purchasing processes with visibility to ensure you get the best combination of price and delivery.

Production Control

Oracle NETSUITE offers the flexibility to manage production processes as the business requires. Each location can select the manufacture of a product and make it the capacity and requirements of its facilities. Oracle NETSUITE allows you to create, release, update, and monitor work orders throughout the entire production cycle.

Supply Chain

Oracle NETSUITE provides a global view of all inventory regardless of its location. NetSuite allows you to control and monitor manufacturing processes in "outsourcing" in the same way as if they were themselves to the business.

Production Floor Control

The floor control solution and Oracle NETSUITE make mobility possible to obtain accurate information of agile manufacturing process. NetSuite enables real-time shop floor updates via mobile apps and barcode.

Quality Management

The quality management solution Oracle NetSuite is designed to help deliver products of the highest quality with minimal increase in additional costs. Oracle NETSUITE allows you to define inspection plans, pass / fail criteria, results collection, and real-time monitoring.



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