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Transform your distribution business with software in the cloud.

With Oracle NetSuite ERP, wholesale distributors can operate their business on a single technology platform achieving a reduction in operating costs, obtaining complete visibility in real time of their organization.

Operate your business completely in one and true cloud platform. Remove its many applications and integrate your data into a single system configurable and accessible anywhere. Oracle NETSUITE ERP offers integrated workflows for critical distribution business functions.

Have visibility into your operations like never before. Get a view of the data generated through organization and provide employees the information they need. Manage portals supply chain to suppliers, customers and business partners and coordinate the entire flow of the business process.

Get a 360-degree view of your customers. Record every interaction automatically built into a single system to facilitate the search for information - from marketing to sales and support.

Interact with users located anywhere through a multi-channel commerce. Contact your customers online, by phone, via email or in person. Exceed the changing expectations of today's customers.



Through thousands of successful implementations,
Oracle NETSUITE has a deep understanding of the industry to the wholesale distribution in different sectors and the challenges they face. Oracle NETSUITE offers a unique set of processes, activities and systems specifically designed to generate value quickly and efficiently..



  • Unify business processes across the company.
  • Increase the visibility of business indicators for better decision making.
  • Extend processes to customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • Get optimal value with an affordable solution.


Deliveries on time always. Exceed customer expectations by minimizing shipping costs.


Real-time metrics and complete data promote interaction with customers and market growth.


Maximize sales across your organization through complete visibility into prospects, opportunities, and pricing management.


The best financial management application in its category ensures world-class accounting throughout your organization.


Service order management, tracking returns and support functions enable self-service really make you a customer focused business.


The SuiteCloud platform offers functionality extension of the ERP without limits to meet specific business requirements.



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Since 2010, at Efficientix we have been dedicated to implement Oracle NETSUITE; achieving the successful digital transformation of our clients. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that include: Consulting, Localization, Development, Training and Support. We seek the satisfaction and trust of our customers knowing that Efficientix is your strategic partner expert in cloud solutions.


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