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The Mexico Localization SuiteApp is a "native" NetSuite module developed by Efficientix that integrates seamless and allows to comply with "Anexo 20" by SAT (Sistema Administración Tributaria).

Through the Mexico Localization SuiteApp, your organization may generate, post and manage the fiscal digital invoices in an easy to use form that is integrated in real time with accounting. 

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Mexico Localization SuiteApp

Comply with the Mexican regulations regarding electronic invoices with simple processes integrated to NetSuite. 



Key Benefits

Reduces the costs associated with the time related to invoice management.

Provides an accounting posting in alignment with the SAT (Sistema Administración Tributaria).

Provides a web kiosk to clients for self-invoicing.


Allows the integration of all your operations to the electronic invoice requirements.

Automates the electronic invoicing and consolidated invoicing processes.

Plus and advanced versions available through an annual subscription.

How may we assist you?

Are you evaluating a “greenfield” approach or restarting an existing project?
Efficientix has the proper skillset to assist your organization from selecting the most appropriate infrastructure to deployment, including all the stages for customization, integration, training and support of NetSuite.


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