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Transforme su empresa de retail en una plataforma de comercio omnicanal basada en la nube

Vincule cada paso de su negocio de retail a múltiples canales y múltiples ubicaciones, desde comercio electrónico, POS y gestión de pedidos hasta marketing, inventario, finanzas y atención al cliente.

empty-screenGetting started with Kaleidoscope is easy, but if you are new to the HubSpot COS you may need a little assistance. To help you out, we offer a library of tutorial videos, a COS eBook, and a COS Blog that can help to answer a lot of the basic questions. If you still need help, let us know!

If Kaleidoscope doesn't seem to fit your exact needs, we have a plenty of other templates available that may be a better fit! Still not finding what you're looking for? We can build a template just for you!

Remember to change out these pictures by the way. Well, that is unless you really like talking about screens. Did you know that using this template will allow your website to show up the way you want it on every screen regardless of size? Because it absolutely will. Swap images seamlessly with the click of a button using the Site Page Editor.

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